Resignation Revolution


This brand new book, The Resignation Revolution: How to Negotiate Your Exit Like a Pro, shares the tips, tactics and techniques that will give employees the edge in negotiations with their employer.

It provides insider knowledge on how to spot when you’re being managed out and how to calculate, and then negotiate, the optimum settlement package. Never before have senior employment lawyers shared so much of their knowledge and strategies with the public.

Alex Monaco, author, says: “Finally, The Resignation Revolution is here! The media (owned by big business) have always tried to portray employee rights as ‘red tape’ and damaging to the economy. But with the help of this book, instead of just resigning when you are  being unfairly treated at work, you can negotiate yourself an exit package – without having to pay for an expensive lawyer.”


Alex Monaco is the founder of Monaco Solicitors. Having started off in legal aid, refugee asylum and immigration law, Alex changed direction after starting a family. He began his first employment law legal practice on the side while working full time. Now, some years on, he is an experienced tech start-up entrepreneur who has been around the block a few times.

His original mission was to make employment law more accessible to the individual. Now, Monaco Solicitors employs both a team of lawyers and its own in-house tech team to develop and maintain its online services.

Alex explains: “I first went into law because I wanted to change the system from the inside out, and now, with the help of my team, I want to do the same with how legal services represent themselves online. We’re making as much employment law information as we can easily accessible, to all employees.”

In essence, Alex’s goal is simply to demystify UK employment law for the benefit of the general public, to assist clients either by representing them or by furnishing them with all the information they need to represent themselves.


Electronic or paperback copies of the book may be requested for review. Alex Monaco is available for interview, in person and by phone. He is also open to writing material for, or collaborating with, interested publications. Please contact Helen McCusker, publicist, (details below) with any requests.

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Monaco Solicitors

Monaco Solicitors is committed to helping employees to get fair deals when leaving their jobs. We do this by negotiating settlement exit packages for our clients, and also by publishing our knowledge on the internet for free for people to represent themselves.

The team here at Monaco Solicitors is the most accomplished and senior team of specialist employee-side lawyers anywhere in the UK. We do not use any junior or trainee lawyers, so you will always be properly advised.

We have negotiated millions of pounds for our clients and our results show that in around 95% of our settlement agreement negotiations we achieve a significant increase in the exit package amount. We are proud to say that 94% of our customers rate us 5 stars. We achieve this by providing a personal friendly yet professional and efficient service to all our clients.

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